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The MyDeepBlue portal provides access to all the tools to monitor your hotel wifi network, guest support tickets, conference networks, social media and e-marketing efforts. We believe that by giving you these tools, we can help you to monetize your wifi network, measurably optimize your business operations and elevate your guest experience.

Real-Time WiFi Network Monitoring and Management

  • Network Monitoring, Mapping and Alerting
  • Customizable, Web-Based Analytics Reporting
  • Visual Network Traffic Flow
  • Pinpoint Network Congestion
  • Change your Network Password
  • Revenue Tracking by Plan (for multi-tier locations)

Help-Desk Monitoring Ensures Transparency to Our Support Services

  • Centralized Location for Support Services
  • Track your Support Tickets by Guest Name and Room Number
  • Transparent Customer Support to Ensure Quality Control

Engage! Wi-Fi powered customer insight and analytics

  • Turn your Wi-Fi network into a powerful marketing tool
  • Monetize your WiFi Network
  • E-Shot Marketing
  • Splash Page Design and Widgets
  • Customer Analytics and Reports
  • Social Media Monitoring, Posting and Scheduling

MyDeepBlue Conference Tool

  • Flexible and Scalable
  • Full Authentication and Registration
  • Branded Splash Page
  • Proactive Monitoring and Management
  • Session Completion User Data Removal
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Custom Property Organizational Structure